Wix Supports Microsoft’s IndexNow for Faster Website Indexing

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Wix, the popular website building platform, has announced its support for IndexNow, an initiative by Microsoft aimed at improving the efficiency and speed of indexing. Microsoft revealed that over 60 million websites are currently utilizing the IndexNow API, publishing a staggering 1.4 billion URLs daily.

Key Points:

• Wix has joined forces with Microsoft to support IndexNow, a project focused on enhancing indexing capabilities.
• IndexNow aims to make the process of indexing websites more efficient and faster.
• Microsoft has reported that more than 60 million websites are currently utilizing the IndexNow API.
• These websites are collectively publishing over 1.4 billion URLs every day through the IndexNow API.

Hot Take:

Wix’s decision to support IndexNow is a significant move that will likely benefit its users by improving the indexing process for their websites. With the support of Microsoft’s initiative, Wix can provide a more efficient and faster indexing experience, ultimately enhancing the visibility and discoverability of Wix-powered websites.


The collaboration between Wix and Microsoft’s IndexNow initiative is a positive development for website owners and creators. By leveraging IndexNow’s capabilities, Wix can offer its users a more streamlined indexing process, ensuring that their websites are indexed quickly and efficiently. This partnership highlights the importance of efficient indexing in the world of SEO and website optimization.

Original article: https://www.seroundtable.com/wix-supports-indexnow-36069.html